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Let's recycle and REFILL!

Have you got a candle at home that is finished, but you LOVE the jar and it fits perfectly in with your house decor?

I can refill ANY candle jar you have lying around at home with a brand new fragrance of your choice!! So much cheaper than buying a new candle and helping the environment by recycling the jar!

Choice of regular candle wick or wooden wicks (perfect for winter with their crackling sound).

Fragrances available:

*Australian Bush

*Seaside Bonfire

*Bergamot, Citrus and Clove

*French Riviera

*Ocean Air

*Sheer Lily & White Rose

*Japanese Honeysuckle

Prices: Weight of candle wax: $0.07 / g for candles up to 200g $0.06 / g for candles 201g - 300g $0.05 / g for candles 301g +

Discounts for 10+ candle jars

Completely Vegan and Cruelty Free!!

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