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We know how annoying it is to have bought a beautiful candle and once it's finished you just have an empty jar lying around, doing nothing.

Send us your empty jars and we'll  refill them with a

NEW candle, so that you can  enjoy it all over  again!

Simply use the form below to send us a quick message, with the size and dimensions of your empty candle jar, or you can email us directly at where you can attach a photo as well.

Price is calculated on weight of wax

Follow the instructions below to calculate how much wax your candle jar will hold.

Fill up your jar with water to where the candle would be, and weigh that amount: 300mL of water = 300g water.

Then multiply the weight by 0.85: 300 x 0.85 = 255g (wax weight).

Weight of candle wax:

$0.07 / g for candles up to 200g

$0.06 / g for candles 201g - 300g

$0.05 / g for candles 301g +

Price will be $0.06 x 255 = $15.30

If you're not sure how to calculate this, just send us the candle ajr dimensions and we can do all the maths for you.

We are located in RANDWICK, SYDNEY, and drop off/pick-up is available for our local customers.

We can all do our part to help the environment and not contribute to land fill 

Thanks! We'll be in contact soon