Mason - SKY BLUE

Vintage style Mason Jar, hand-painted in SKY BLUE chalk paint.


The soft and smooth finish of the Mason Jar is complemented by the rough vertical brush strokes of the chalk paint, and weathered and worn to create a vintage look.


Simply unscrew the lid and take it apart, use the flat plate of the lid as a coaster for your candle and then screw back on the threadded outer band to protect the lip of your jar.


These Mason Jars can be re-used once your candle is finished, into such things as a plant pot, or vase, or simply return it to us and we will re-fill it with a new candle, with your choice of scent.

Mason - SKY BLUE

SKU: 1020
Colour: Sky Blue

100% Soy-Wax

100% Cruelty Free


Gross Weight: 635g (approx)

Candle Weight: 375g (approx)


Jar Height: 13.5cm

Jar diameter: 7.5cm

Candle diameter: 6.2cm